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Discover the key to Success with Nitin Kapse, leading IT expert


Nitin Kapse's journey from corporate data engineer to globally recognized IT expert

As a corporate data engineer, I spent 18+ years working in large corporations, giving training and providing consulting services.


As a child, I always had a passion for technology and a desire to help others. But as I grew older and entered the corporate world, I found myself feeling lost and unfulfilled in my career as a data engineer. I spent over Eighteen years working in large corporations, honing my skills as a data engineer, analyst, and mentor.

The power of following your passion and making a difference

I was in joy of my professional work and in addition to that I was also in quest to be a better and more fulfilled version of myself.


That rebelling thought trigged to quit my job to go on a journey to excel and utilization of my maximum capabilities to identify my better version.

I quit my job to see more growth opportunities to fulfil my deepest dreams and achiever of my own stories going forward as an entrepreneur.


I started focusing on sells, marketing, and leadership skills, and began sharing my journey and everything I was learning along the way.


From data engineer to a vision of transforming 1 million mid-career professionals

As I continued on my journey, I discovered that I had a strong inclination towards inspiring and motivating others.

I was invited to speak at conferences and events, and I even had the opportunity to write a book sharing my experiences and insights.

Now, I am leading experienced professional in the IT industry, and my vision is to help transform 1 million mid-career professionals through mentoring and continuous opportunities in new technologies.

I am living my dream and making a positive impact in the world, and it is all thanks to my decision to take that first bold step. It's never too late to chase your dreams and make a difference.

Join me in this movement and Let's achieve Greatness Together.

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