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DevOps Automation Certification Training Course

Up-Skill | Cross-Skill | Re-Skill


Let Me Tell You...

We have comprehensively covered everything you need to become a highly paid DevOps Engineer, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques, in this workshop.

You will become a master at utilizing the leading DevOps tool set, empowering you to tap into the vast array of job opportunities with an average salary of $120,000 per annum. No prior technical expertise or business knowledge is necessary!

About the Course:


Our DevOps Automation Certification Training Course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of DevOps principles, practices, and tools. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, you will learn how to streamline software development processes, enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, and deploy applications with greater speed and efficiency.

Let’s build your career together to get boost in your salary hike.

Who Can Apply
for the Course?

Anyone working in IT field and looking to reskill in DevOps.

Freshers who want to pursue Infrastructure automation as a career.

Non-IT Professionals who want to enter in IT sector.

Professionals looking to upskill their career in build and deployment.

Course Benefits

Gain a deep understanding of DevOps concepts, methodologies, and best practices

Enhance your ability to collaborate effectively across development and operations teams

Learn how to automate various aspects of the software development lifecycle

Improve the speed, quality, and reliability of software releases


Acquire hands-on experience with popular DevOps tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Ansible

Boost your career prospects in the rapidly growing field of DevOps

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career in DevOps.
Enroll in our DevOps Automation Certification Training Course today and take the first step towards becoming a certified DevOps professional!


  • DevOps Introduction:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of DevOps principles, culture, and practices. Learn how DevOps fosters collaboration between development and operations teams to achieve faster delivery and enhanced quality.
  • Git/GitHub:
    Master version control with Git, including branching, merging, and resolving conflicts. Utilize GitHub for collaborative development, version management, and code review processes.
  • Linux:
    Acquire proficiency in Linux operating system fundamentals, including file system navigation, permissions, and basic shell scripting. Learn system administration tasks such as package management, user management, and process management.
  • Development Process/Agile:
    Understand Agile development methodologies and their role in the DevOps lifecycle. Explore agile principles, scrum, and kanban practices for iterative and incremental software development.
  • Jenkins:
    Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with Jenkins. Configure automated build, test, and deployment pipelines to streamline the software delivery process.
  • Docker:
    Dive into containerization with Docker and understand its role in modern application deployment. Learn to create, manage, and deploy containerized applications efficiently.
  • Kubernetes:
    Master container orchestration with Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Explore Kubernetes architecture, deployment patterns, and best practices.
  • Terraform:
    Harness the power of infrastructure as code (IaC) with Terraform for automated provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure. Define and manage infrastructure resources using Terraform configuration files.
  • Ansible-Labs/Assessments:
    Dive into configuration management with Ansible for automating infrastructure setup and application deployment. Engage in hands-on labs and assessments to reinforce your learning and practical skills.
  • Nagios:
    Explore Nagios for monitoring and alerting in DevOps environments. Learn to set up monitoring checks, notifications, and dashboards for proactive system monitoring.

Course Outline

Still Not Convinced?

  • Prepare yourself for a career in IT industry within 120 days, even if you have no prior knowledge, through our exclusive career Mastery Program designed for begineers.

  • Gain practical, real-world experience through hands-on training exercises and projects.

  • Benefit from job placement support, including resume building, interview preparation, and access to job placement resources.

  • We facilitate placement opportunities into reputed MNCs and MICs.

  • Increase your chances of placement by getting DevOps certification.

  • Gain real-time project-based experience & project certificate to no longer be considered a fresher.

  • This isn’t something I want you to do, this is something you need to do for YOURSELF

  • I am sure your investment is going to yield lots of returns by completing this course. 🙂


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